Blanda Matt serving bowl to ceiling light canopy hack


Materials: BLANDA MATT serving bowl

Most ceiling light canopies are made out of plastic and really look boring, so walking around in IKEA and seeing the small 12cm Blanda Matt serving bowl made out of bamboo, I got the idea to hack into a cool light canopy.


I simply flipped the bowl, marked the center with a screwdriver, and drilled a hole the same width as the cord I was planning to go through.


Look at this magnificent showcase of craftmanship – a hole – all the way through!


Then I put the strain relief on the cord, before pulling the cord through the hole. As far as the strain relief goes, I only had this black plastic one lying around, but it’s easy to find some way cooler ones online, including some in metal. I think that’s the next thing I want to add to this hack.


This particular lamp isn’t from IKEA but it would work with any pendant or a basic cord+socket kit, like the Sekond one from IKEA – and I think it fits the nice fabric cord way better than the standard plastic canopy.


There it is. A dead simple hack that adds a little flair to something otherwise utterly boring. And yes, the wire needs some stretching.