Built-in Home Office Using Perfekt Rockhammar Kitchen Cabinets


I wanted a home office that looks like it was builtin but not built from the more simple lines of most of the Ikea desks. So I decided to build this using kitchen cabinets.

Purchase the following components from Ikea:
– Perfekt Rockhammar 15″ base cabinet x 2
– Perfekt Rockhammar 24″ base cabinet x 1
– Toe Kick
– Perfekt Rockhammar side panels x 4

Cut the base cabinets to 24″ to remove the top drawer and assemble the base cabinets.

Purchase two 3/4″x72″x24″ pine wood panels and five drawer pulls from Home Depot.

Paint the panels to match the color of Perfekt Rockhammar.

Cut the panels to fit the room.

Install the cabinets and pine panels as the desktop.

By doing this, I get a custom built office for two people. The final height is about 29″ (4″ toekick + 24″ cabinet + 1″ table top), which is pretty good height for an office. The entire office looks like a builtin. The middle cabinet has a pull-out to store printer. While the cabinets have lower drawers that can be used for filing.