DIY: How to Build an Indoor Sandbox For Less Than $52



  • 1 LACK coffee table
  • 1 KOMPLEMENT drawer, or look for another drawer in the As-is department and match it to a table size
  • Loctite Power Grab
  • Art materials of your choice. I used Kinetic Sand but rice, beans or dried noodles could be a less expensive alternative


  • Paint any unfinished edges on your drawer — often the part that faces the back is not completely finished. I used black and it blended right in
  • Put together the LACK coffee table following the IKEA instructions
  • Make small piles of adhesive around the top of the coffee table. They need some height because the bottom of the drawer is recessed slightly and a flat bead of adhesive will not reach the bottom of the drawer
  • Put any art materials you like in the top tray and have fun!
  • I recommend using a container or a tray so you can easily remove the sand and toys when you can control their use

Link to the full tutorial.

Link to the video.