EKORRE Wagon Anti-Tip Wings

Materials: EKORRE Toddle Wagon, Vinyl Blinds, Screws

Description: The EKORRE wagon is a great toy for our one-year-old, but one serious problem is that pushing it too fast can cause the cart to fly forward and the handle to slam down, potentially hurting little fingers.

A simple fix for this is to add anti-tip wings that extend a little behind the back wheels.

If the handle is pushed down, causing the front to tip up, it won’t go very far before hitting the little brake.

You will need:

1. Thin wood or vinyl
2. Two extra screws

We used leftover white vinyl blinds since they matched the color scheme and two screws from our Ikea miscellaneous bin. You can probably find everything you need in the As-Is section.

Cut two elongated shapes to fit just behind the wheels and extend as shown. Your shape should start just above the existing two mounting holes and extend behind the rear wheel.

One of the mount holes doubles as the mount point for the handle, the other is where you need to add two screws. Be sure to use lock-nuts to secure your wings.

~ John Taylor, Winston-Salem, NC

Jules Yap