Maker Space from IKEA PS 2014 Wardrobe

PS workstation1

As a maker working from home in a small studio, I found myself in a continuous quest for flexibility and organization of tools and parts. That was until I saw the metal frame based IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe by French designer Matali Crasset. Here’s a description of this wardrobe hack that is now used as the main furniture of my maker space.

Materials needed:

+ IKEA items
IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe

+ Interior and Exterior accessories
BYGEL wire basket
GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack
KVISSLE wall newspaper rack
ORDNING cutlery stand
ORDNING kitchen utensil rack
RÄCKA curtain rod
RISSLA desk pad
TOFTBO bath mat
TUPPLUR block-out roller blind, black

Ps workstation2
Ps workstation3

The interior is mainly used as a desk space, positioning the wardrobe’s shelf at a suitable working height with the RISSLA desk pad on top. The black TUPPLUR block-out roller blind is used in this space for intimacy and focus. And an Apple Cinema Display is attached to the wardrobe’s frame using its VESA mount adapter.

The exterior is mainly used for storage and organizing tools and parts. Hooks and tyraps are used to connect everything to the wardrobe’s frame.

In a future iteration of this wardrobe, I would encourage more flexible shelf positioning and shelves (plus half depth shelves) to become available as additional items.

You can make it!

Enjoy, Ivo