Micke office drawers to living room end table


After moving to a new house, I could not use my Micke drawer unit with the orange fronts under the desk anymore. It was really needed as an end table in the living room, but the orange was a serious clash. So a little decoupage medium and something less than a yard (maybe 1/2 yard?) of fabric in a map print makes it a little more ‘family’ and less ‘officey’. We still use it for office storage, but it could also hold remotes, games, even a throw.

IMG_0487 IMG_0486

To do this I removed the fronts of the drawers and wrapped them with the fabric, bringing the edges of the fabric together at the sides with minimal overlap, and overlapping on the back by about 1 inch. The decoupage stuck everything down, and I applied two more coats for the finish I wanted. It is still matte, not glossy, but it could be made glossy with enough coats on the fronts. Using a small nail, I poked out the holes in the drawer fronts and tightened them back in place. The fabric helped to give a tight fit to the screws going back in.