REDD side table

ikea hack 1

Materials: REDD shoe shelf

I started my project with simple shoe shelf from IKEA (it’s called “REDD”).
The first thing I did was cut it in half. Make sure you sand down the edges because it becomes sharp as a knife.
The shelf had an edge that was bent in an angle of 45 degrees, to secure it to a wall, so my second step was to bend this angle back to 90 degrees. This way it could provide as a tabletop.

ikea hack

At this point, you basically have a table that’s split in half so the third step is to connect these to parts. I did this by drilling holes in both sides and put rivets in the holes.

The last step is an optional one. I used the holes in the material to make shelves inside my table, where I can leave my magazines and the newspaper. I did this with plastic pipes. I cut them in pieces of 30 cm and insert them through the holes. To secure them I rapped elastic bands around the sides.