Turn Sniglar diaper-changing table into a doghouse


We recently hacked an Ikea furniture, we made ​​something else out of it. I always wanted a dog house for our half breed dog Benno (size about knee high), but all I could find in stores was either very expensive or treated with wood preservatives or I did not like it. To build a dog house is not a problem for my husband (except time problem!) but it should go rather quickly and be done in an afternoon. So I looked for a small table where you just had to screw boards on it. I find it at Ikea.

Photo: IKEA.com

The SNIGLAR diaper-changing table is untreated and ideal in size. Left over from another project we had untreated wood panels that my husband properly cut and screwed on three sides. We skipped the lower shelf cause we inserted a wooden pallet which is Benno’s sleeping place for years. But it is no problem to move the lower shelf to the bottom and this is the base for the doghouse. Above we now have a practical storage and the cat basket has also space. Our dog Benno is overjoyed and was sitting in his house, while my husband was still screwing on the boards.


See the SNIGLAR dog house.