Twin FOTO gets a theatrical flair


Materials: clear electrical cable, cotton rope, FOTO pendant lamp, wooden dowel

I recently moved in together with my girlfriend and we got our hands on a very beautiful dining room table. However, there was no light overhead of the table yet, so we hacked up a lamp out of two FOTO lights we had lying around.

The modification was easy enough. Each lamp was modified with a transparent cable instead of a black one, and supported on its own from an eyebolt attached to the ceiling.

To connect the two lamps together, we decided to make a wooden dowel which looks like a flying batten used in old theatres. An 80cm (28″) dowel was drilled with cross holes at 10cm from the edge, through which each lamp cable was fed.


The dowel itself was suspended from the same eyebolt as the lamps with a piece of cotton rope on each side, tied off with a locking knot. The black ceiling cups which came with the FOTO lamps cleverly disguise the mode of attachment of the two separate cables.

Both lamps are connected together at the leftmost lamp’s terminal block and the cable was guided through a small duct on the ceiling.