Weekend Project: Burlap Mat for RIBBA Frame

burlap map example 2


Materials: RIBBA frame in aluminium colour, Mod Podge

The RIBBA Frame and Mat is attractive and simple as-is; but this quick update gave it a bit of texture for our “modern farmhouse” style bath.

Begin by removing the mat from the frame and cut a piece of burlap about an inch larger (on each side) than the mat. Apply Mod Podge to the front of the mat and lay it face-down on the burlap to adhere. Once dry, cut a slit into each corner of the burlap. The slit should only go to the corner of the mat, which allows the burlap edges to be folded around the back of the mat.

Again, use Mod Podge to adhere. The inside corners will also need to be slit, and the burlap folded around the back as well. Once all of the glue is dry, pair it with some great art!

Jules Yap