Wowee! Full over twin bed with stairs, slide, and secret room


This creates a safer way to get up and down from the top bunk (via stairs instead of a ladder), and creates a landing space, too. The TROFAST provides the necessary storage, and the slide and secret space created are bonuses.

1. Start with the STORA loft bed, which we cut off 12″ from each leg so that it would better fit our room height.
2. Since we don’t need the ladder, we assembled the railing meant for the backside of the bed on the frontside so there’s no gap to fall through. We also added a fourth railing for additional height for added safety, using parts from the unused ladder.
3. Fasten the two TROFAST storage units to each other, then attach to the STORA bed for extra support and rigidity.
4. Cut GERTON table top to the correct width to fit your room, and attach supports to wall studs for the table top to sit on top of on one side. (The primary load is sitting on top of the TROFAST, and the GERTON tabletop is screwed to the TROFAST from the bottom).
5. Disassemble the folding slide (Brand = Step2), keeping just the slide part. Using threaded rods and nuts, attach the slide to two wood supports using the cut-off pieces from the GERTON table top.


6. Secure the slide unit to the TROFAST from the underside. (Optionally, add stair treads to the TROFAST – from leftover GERTON tabletop from another project).


7. Assemble TARVA twin bed and place perpendicular to the STORA loft bed. (Optionally, bolt the TARVA to the STORA, for added rigidity).
8. Add doors to the space under the GERTON table top, where a small secret space is available.
9. Add DIODER LED lights to underside of GERTON table top.

Future to do item: Use the ladder parts to create a railing next to the slide.