Custom Doors for Expedit & Kallax Shelving



1) Took 1/4 Inch thick hardboard and cut it into a 13 inch by 13 inch square
2) Cut a design into it using a jig saw
3) Painted
4) Varnished


1) Bought 1/2 diameter wooden dowels from Dollarama.
2) Cut to 3/4 Inch length
3) Drilled a whole through the center for a screw
4) Painted
5) Varnished
6) Screwed to cabinet.


1) Picked them up from home depot.


1) Took 1/8 Inch thick hardboard and cut it to fit the shelves
2) Painted it to match the shelves.
3) Applied a coat of varnish.

They can be pre-ordered via my Kickstarter campaign here.