How to keep your FRAKTA straight

To sum it up, I rolled the contents of my FRAKTA bag onto the Parisian streets. Got a big (nasty) hole in it. All because it shifted! I was glad it was not my underwear laundry day…


So basically, get any piece of wood that is above 12mm thick. I had leftover 1/4 round pine.


Cut a piece of 35cm.

Make a notch 6-8mm deep, 15mm wide starting at 20mm on each side. You should have 28,5cm in-between.

Then, just place the piece of wood in the straps, adjust them a bit,  and get rolling!

The bar will hold the bag in place. You can glue it or sew it for more safety. I find it good enough this way, so I can remove it anytime.


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