Mixed IKEA Mac desk


I needed a “console” to put my Mac on but it should have been in some precise sizes.
After looking in hundreds of furniture shops I discovered this nice site and I said: “why not?”

I designed the Mac desktop and then I went to my local Ikea shop to look what I needed for.
I bought 2 white Stolmen shelves (1100×50 cm each), 1 red Lack shelf (110×35 cm), 1 white Nipfen table leg and a white Lillangen terminal element.
I carved 1 Stolmen shelf in 79×45 cm and the other one in 77×45 cm. Also the red Lack shelf has been reduced to 77×30 cm)
Then I put togheter the Stolmen and the Lack shelves with the same length (77 cm) one upon the other with two screws.
After that I put the remaining Stolmen shelf as the other leg of the table, linking it with some metal angular and two other screws on the side.

Then I built up the Lillangen terminal and united to the table with three screws …. and this is the result!

I hope you like it 🙂