Gerbil habitat for a family of 7 rescued gerbils

I needed a very big space for a family of 7 gerbils that I rescued few days ago. So I bought an IKEA KALLAX shelf and turned it into a large gerbil habitat.

IKEA gerbil habitat
IKEA item used:
  • KALLAX 2 x 4

How we made our IKEA gerbil habitat

First, we made the holes for ventilation.

Then I added wire to cover the holes, made more holes to go from a stair to another and from the left to the right.

I covered the boards with adhesive coating and assembled the shelf.

I glued rails to keep the glass panes in place.

Next, I added the glass panes.

I laid the adhesive LED, fixed the windows (synthetic glass), and covered the connecting holes with natural clay

DIY gerbil habitat

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glass panes
IKEA gerbil habitat
IKEA gerbil habitat
IKEA gerbil habitat

Then we realized that a big open space on the first floor will be better to avoid partitioning which could generate conflicts between the gerbils (They are all males : the father, a son from a previous birth and 3 babies)

I added the big door for the compartment assigned for bedding.

Lastly, we screwed a board at the back of the shelf

And here is my gerbilarium in use.

by Galeia

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