Giving gerbils some Variera

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Around a year ago, I adopted two cute gerbils. Their spacious new habitat was established in an aquarium which unfortunately does not allowed me to drill holes to attach shelves or improve the interior.

My two gerbils love to climb on things and also love to dig and spread litter everywhere. So I had no choice than creating different levels in their habitat : one to dig and to sleep, one to play and to explore, and one to keep their food and water away from their daily activity.

I bought two types of VARIERA shelves : the “big” one and the “half” one. That is perfect because these shelves are made with a non-toxic paint (ready to use in a kitchen with food) so there is no problem if my gerbils try to eat them (but fortunately, they don’t :o) ). They are also easy to clean, and easy to superimpose so I can change their playground very often…!

I also bought two small cups a long time ago : unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the cups but you can see them in the pictures, and I’m pretty sure this type of object can still be found here in IKEA (maybe not the same black-model, but the same kind of cup !). They are heavy enough not to be easily turned over so I put water and food into 🙂