Q: Underbed drawers for KALLAX storage bed?

expedit bed

After some renovation in an old family house, the bedroom will be smaller than we thought.

First, the ceilings are not very high, so having a high bed is not an option.

There are two doors in the bedroom: one to enter in and one to access the ensuite bathroom. We appreciate the adjoining door but there’s definitely a loss of space there.

Because of the doors the bed has to be at the corner of the bedroom. But as the bedroom is quite small, it will be at 55 inch (140 cm). Having 2 nightstands won’t be possible either – only one, because the bathroom door opens quite close to the bed.

I considered building an KALLAX/ EXPEDIT storage bed, but the issue is most of the ones I’ve seen have 2 sides to access the storage underneath. As the bed is to be in the corner of the room, we can’t have access to the storage on one side. So the storage space on the closed side will be wasted.

To make full use of the space under the bed, my brother suggested we added a “platform” inside the KALLAX for extra long underbed drawers or storage units in the cubes. We’re still all brainstorming and drawing and thinking about it but I feel we could need an extra help.

Would someone on your amazing website have any ideas?

Thank you so much,

Claire, Burgundy, France


Hi Claire

I’ve seen quite a few KALLAX storage beds placed in a corner. It is true that access to storage will be compromised somewhat.

Your brother’s idea of making long drawers across 2 KALLAX units is a good one. I’ve not see a hack like that but it sounds workable. If you guys ever hack it, do share it with us.

#1 Making underbed drawers for KALLAX

Pippa has an excellent tutorial for DIY EXPEDIT drawers. Pretty easy to construct and does not require drawer rails. Her drawers fit a single EXPEDIT cube … you’ll need to modify it to fit 2 KALLAX units. And join the 2 units with a flat platform for the drawers to slide on.

KALLAX underbed drawers

I’ve also seen one such hack for the TROFAST and KURA, which may help you in your brainstorming. David sealed up one open side of the TROFAST with MDF and added casters beneath. They slide in and out of the bed beautifully.

KALLAX underbed drawers

#2 A platform KALLAX bed

You mentioned the ceilings are too low for a high bed, but perhaps it will fit a platform bed?

Featured below is a hack for a rolling library but it could very well work for your situation. Build a sturdy wooden platform for the bed and then tuck the KALLAX units on wheels under it. Use the 2×4 KALLAX unit for a larger bed.

KALLAX underbed drawers

IKEA kitchen cabinets (SEKTION / METOD) are also excellent for platform beds. Like the one below. And easy to modify to suit the dimensions of your room. Just play with the Kitchen Planner to get it right.

#3 A different placement

kallax storage bed

Clossette placed the KALLAX unit with the cubes facing up. And plywood pieces (or slats if you prefer) on top of the squares. Accessing storage is a bit of a challenge but it’s a good idea for seasonal/ seldom-used items storage.

KALLAX storage bed

#4 A Murphy bed and secret door

A Murphy bed is great for small bedrooms. And if you combine it with a hidden door hack you may be able to solve your space issues.

Just to illustrate my thoughts — the visual below shows a Murphy bed built into a PAX wardrobe. The PAX frame next to the bed can be modified to access the bathroom instead of being regular ol’ storage.

Pax Murphy bed

Here are a few Murphy bed hacks to get you started:

Hidden / Secret door hacks:

Consider other beds

IKEA has a good range of storage beds. Perhaps there is one that fits better?

Hope this helps you in your ideation. And do share your KALLAX underbed drawers with us if that materialises.

Happy hacking,


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