Office BBQ – “…sausage anybody?”

office on fire_02

Materials: helmer / fintorp / koncis

1. Unwrap everything

2. Cut a square out of the top element of Helmer and put everything together.

3. Take the Koncis roasting pan and bend the longer edges to the top. now the pan fits perfect in the drawers of Helmer. You can cut the grill rack of Koncis to fit the size of your cut square but its better to check out your local hardware store for a perfect grill rack. We took a chrome insert basket for cupboards. Cut the wire to the right size and left some wires a bit longer. Its useful, so you can drill some holes in the top, put the longer wires thru this holes and bend it on the lower side so it is well fixed without using screws.

4. The roasting pan is for the coal. For a better air-circulation you have to drill some holes in the bottom of the pan. you also have to drill some holes in the first drawer.

5. Fintorp is to long so you have to cut it for some inches.

6. Avoiding poisoning of burning paint merging with your steak and schnitzel should be in your interest. Put everything on fire and burn the hell out of Helmer.

You can pack every drawer with BBQ equipment, salad, sausages etc.
For a better mobility fix the Helmer grill with a rope on a skateboard.


Jules Yap