What’s your favorite IKEA food?

Saw this fun post of IKEA food from around the world. Some of them looks really delicious! Chicken Massala … mmmm.

ikea food big

In Malaysia, the cafe recently introduced beef ribs – it was like eating rubber. Yeap, either I have really cultured taste buds or pretty much everything on their menu falls flat. the only thing I enjoy are the curry puffs and can’t go wrong soft-serve ice-cream from the check-out cafe.


From the frozen food section, I do like the GRÖNSAKSKAKA, vegetable medallions with potatoes, bits of broccoli, leek, onions and oozing with cheese. I grill them on my oven toaster and they come up crispy on the outside, warm and mushy on the inside! Yums.


What about you? What do you like from your IKEA cafe?

Photo credit: ApartmentTherapy.com and IKEA.com