We need this. No arguments about it.

What is it about IKEA and relationships?

The blue and yellow store is tagged as “a map of a relationship nightmare”. I can understand how trying it can be on couples — you’ve wandered the aisles for hours, tired, hungry and now you’ve decided mint green is the way to go and — your partner wants it in — what? mustard? Do we get what I like or what you like? It’s easy to blow your top.

Well, how wonderful it would be if there are pitstops like this Relationship Saving Station dotting the IKEA landscape to literally help you “remember there is joy in the world”. As much as we want it at all IKEA stores, unfortunately, it’s only at IKEA Burbank, California and it’s the brainchild of Jeff Wysaski, a comedian who seems to love to prank IKEA. See previous prank.


It has everything a fuming couple would need. Even a tiny horse that’ll take all your yelling in its stride.


A cute puppy to help you get that loving feeling. Breathe in … breathe out.


Elsa makes an appearance to help you let it go. I love this!


If Elsa doesn’t help cool things down, there are stupid milk hats.


And bubbles. Can anyone be angry after blowing bubbles?


Would you love to have a Relationship Saving Station at your local IKEA? I think I much prefer this to the Arbitration Station.

Photo credit: Jeff Wysaski, @Obviousplant

Jules Yap