Bedside Wardrobes and Nightstand


Materials: Ekby Hall, EKBY HEMNES, Pax wardrobe

We needed more clothing storage in our bedroom, but there really wasn’t a good space for a chest of drawers or other standard solution. We ended up getting two tall Pax wardrobes and putting them on each side of the bed. Worked great for storage, but we lost bedside tables. So, we added simple shelves to the outside of the wardrobes to hold our clocks and books.

Some notes on making it easy, cheap, and successful:
– We cut down the shelves to the depth of the wardrobes by marking them, removing any identifying tags, and going to a home improvement store where they will cut lumber for you (they’ll officially only cut their own stuff, hence no tags). First few cuts are free, so this didn’t cost anything.

– We picked up #8 1 1/4″ nut + bolt packs, plus some washers. We could have gotten away with 1″ bolts.

– We placed the brackets 3″ in from the front of the wardrobe and 4″ in from the back, so there was no chance of interfering with the pre-drilled holes. We also placed the top of the shelf ~16″ from the floor, which meant that the bolt ends didn’t interfere with the drawer rails on the inside. The upper ones are about halfway between two rails for basket-style drawers, the lower ones are below the lowest rail. Definitely be sure you have your Pax configuration worked out inside the wardrobe before deciding where to drill holes through the side!

– We screwed the brackets into the shelves first, then located/leveled them on the side of the wardrobe, marked where the bolts should go, and drilled the holes. We used a washer on one of the two upper bolts for each bracket (only enough room to have one of the size we got).