2 super easy steps to hack a Modern Baroque Vanity

baroque vanity

For my room, I made a chic modern baroque vanity and makeup table.

IKEA items used
  • SVALNÄS Desktop (The EKBY ALEX wall shelf is an alternative)
  • 2 LALLE Legs
  • UNG DRILL mirror
lalle leg
LALLE leg | IKEA.com
Other materials:

How to make a modern baroque vanity

Install the two legs on the front corners of the SVALNÄS desktop. Do not fix the 2 metal brackets that come with it to the desktop.

Then, use the steel corner braces to attach the desktop to the wall.

Voilà! A modern baroque vanity that looks awesome with the UNG DRILL mirror. I got a chair from the thrift shop and painted and reupholstered it to match.

2 super easy steps to hack a Modern Baroque Vanity

~ Grace Lewis

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Grundtal beauty bar

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#2 BESTÅ BURS as a slim makeup table

slim makeup tableIf you do not have space for a traditional vanity this is just right for you. Mount the shallow BESTÅ BURS to the wall below a mirror. The depth is perfect for makeup storage and is narrow enough to fit into a small bedroom. Get the details.

#3 Modern makeup table with lots of storage

modern makeup table

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#4 Beauty bar for less

beauty bar

This is not a ‘hack’ as such, more of a change of item description! I have created a beauty bar within my bedroom using a selection of IKEA products. See the tutorial for the beauty bar.

Jules Yap