How to make PAX doors narrower


Materials: PAX Hemnes door

Annoying that the PAX doors are only available 50 cm wide. Hard to fit them on a 75 cm wide cabinet. So I modified two doors.

1. Lay the door on the floor on the cardboard it was delivered in and using a block of soft wood (to protect the finish) and a hammer, knock the side opposite the hinge off of the door. Tap a little at each cross piece (rail) so as to avoid damaging the door. Tap on both sides of the door. This is a tricky step. You have to have faith. But my experience was not that bad. On one door I had some splitting, but I always glued any splits back together with wood glue and clamps. (Last step is to touch up the paint.)

2. Remove the panels. Cut them to the new desired width. Using a router, re-cut the profile on the side where you cut. The profile is flat, so a simple flat router bit is all that is required.

3. Cut the rails (horizontal parts) to the desired length. Using a router, cut the same profile on the end of the rails. Best if you can use a jig to cut the profile to the same distance from the end on front a back. I didn’t do this and wish I had.

4. Dry fit everything together and make sure it all fits. Remove bits of wood or glue that prevent it from fitting together.

5. Paint the panels to the desired color. I matched the original white with Histor acrylic primer (available in The Netherlands).

6. Using wood glue, put it all back together. Clamp overnight.

7. Touch up the paint where necessary.

~ Deric