IKEA FYRTUR wireless blind: Switching from battery to permanent power supply

I have mounted an IKEA FYRTUR wireless roller blind in a position, where it is difficult to get access to the battery chamber to recharge the battery.

So I decided to replace the battery with a Universal Power Supply. The process turned out to be rather simple.

IKEA item used:
ikea fyrtur wireless blind
ikea fyrtur wireless blind

Credit: IKEA.com

Battery operated IKEA FYRTUR blinds to direct power supply

1. In an electrical store, I found a Universal Power Supply with variable voltage output, among which was 7,5V DC (2.25 A). It was close enough to replace the standard battery rated to 7.2V DC.

Price around 20 €.

universal power supply

2. Remove 4 screws at the angular battery cover upper left side of the FYRTUR chassis.

battery cover

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3. Use a thin piece of metal to loosen the angular part at the left end of the chassis. Carefully lift the cover upward.

battery cover

4. Remove the battery.

5. Drill a small hole for the wire into the battery chamber. 7-8 mm may fit. I made the hole in the battery hatch, but you can also place it elsewhere to allow the wire to connect to the battery contact plug.


6. Draw out the battery chamber. On its left side there is the battery contact plug with 4 legs. You will only use only the two outermost pins. Looking at the backside of the battery plus you can see two wires: a white (-) and a red (+). It is difficult to connect the wire from the power supply here. Use instead the pins at the inside, but note where the red wire is connected as this must receive + 7,5V.

ikea fyrtur wireless roller blind with permanent power supply

7. Pull the cord through your hole in the battery chamber and solder the two wires to the outermost pins in the battery chamber. In most cases the positive wire from power supply will be marked with a white stripe in the black isolation. This wire must be soldered, so it connect to the red wire on the backside. If in doubt use a voltmeter to check.

ikea fyrtur wireless roller blind with permanent power supply

8. Now assemble the battery chamber and its hatch in the chassis again in reverse order. Be careful to insert the small round pin, which functions as a shaft for the hatch.

Now you don’t need to care about recharging the battery in FYRTUR any more.

~ by Mogens Brun

Jules Yap