Kitchen pantry hack


Materials: Standard kitchen wall and base cabinets, wine rack, storage jars.

We needed an low profile pantry for our kitchen renovation but there was no ready made IKEA unit to use and we wanted it to match the rest of the cabinetry. This hack is a few years old so the product names are no longer available but similar components are.

The top section is a standard tall wall unit flanked with two wine racks. I removed all but two of the bottle compartments to create cookbook storage.


In the wall unit I cut down the shelf depth to half to make room for custom built spice racks installed on the cabinet doors.


The base cabinet was ordered with drawer fronts but no drawers. I cut the base cabinet depth down to 18″ and ordered 18″ deep drawer hardware from a different supplier. It is almost identical to the BLUM hardware that Ikea supplies. The lowest drawer is used for flour storage and in retrospect I wish I had ordered the heaviest drawer glides available but the current ones, rated at 60lb capacity are still working well although I did have to go back and add extra fasteners a couple of years later.

The sides are made from standard covering panels supplied by Ikea. The backsplash made from the same mateial but 1/4” bead moulding was added between sections for details. I also added an electrical outlet for laptop charging.


The crown was built using Ikea supplied moulding which was fastened onto a plywood base. It is removable for dusting the cabinet top.

The Ikea supplied countertop wraps around the corner of the room creating a desktop that protrudes into the next room through a window and is supported on both sides by cast iron shelf brackets supplied by Lee Valley Tools.


~ Mark

Jules Yap