Pimp your APTITLIG


Materials: APTITLIG cutting board

I used the APTITLIG cutting board to create my own (cheap) designer cutting board in the shape of an house. Using a circular table saw, a drilling machine with a Forstner bit, a router with bearing guided bit to get the radius on the edge of the hole and some sandpaper.


It’s pretty simple cut the board in the house shape you like. I preferred to cut it in that way, that I got 3 houses out of one APTITLIG cutting board. Then I drilled the hole in the top of the roof. After that I used the router to add a perfect radius on the edges of the hole. Some finishing with sand paper on the other edges and et voila you’re done. Your nice looking design cutting board for less then 10 Euros. Ferm Living for example is selling these cutting boards for more then 50 Euros each.

Jules Yap