Power up! Vettre Charging Station

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Been looking around for a suitable donor piece to build my own usb charging station. With so many devices in the household now – tablets, smartphones etc I wanted something that could cater for charging all these devices simultaneously.


I found the Vettre Nightstand at the local IKEA store and thought it would do the job just nicely. It already has a hole cut in the base for a power cable to drop through.

Pretty much all that was needed to do:

1. cut 5 x 20mm holes in the top for the charging cables to poke through – added 5 rubber grommets.
2. cut 12 x 10mm holes in the top to allow for a modified dish rack I picked up from Howard’s Storage – added 12 rubber grommets.
3. stuck on 5 x cable holders from the local Officeworks store.
4. sprayed several coats of black matte paint and then added a gloss finish.

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5. added a two socket power board to the inside wall and plugged in 2 x 4 usb charging adaptors.
6. plugged in some cables. To suit my current needs 2 x micro usb, 2 x Apple Lightning and 1 x original Apple connector.
7. plugged everything in and charged my Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod touch 4th gen.