Stolman Cat Feeder Variation

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This is my rendition of the Stolmen Cat feeder another user has posted, using mine as a climber / sleeper

(3) Stolmen Poles
(6) Stolmen Shelf – 21 5/8×15
(3) 4 Packs of Shelf End Fixtures

– Carpet of choice, I found carpet mats in Home depot.
(You can also use the door mats that IKEA has, using those on another cat hack they were black & $5)
Sisal Rope 8ft Roll from Hardware Store (used about 6 ft)
– Glue, an all purpose for bonding multiple surfaces
– Cat accessories, beds etc
– Tools: drill for screwing shelfs etc, utility knife, and leveler

The Stolmen system can be tricky to align into a corner. You need to measure and plan carefully, we used the smallest shelves available. We first set up our poles then put up shelves – Following the IKEA direction, it requires two people for the poles to have proper alignment and space etc. The poles were deff the most tricky part. The bottom shelf is about 18″ off floor, and then spaced 12″ apart going up. If your not putting anything underneath you may want to go a little lower on first shelf, specially for an older cat.

I found carpet floor mats to match at HD and cut them in half using a utility knife on a cutting mat. I started glueing pre-assembly but ended up also glueing some after it was done. Use weights on your multi-purpose glue (can use gorilla, elmer, something strong from hardware store) and allow 24 before removing.

To wrap the sisal I made a tight knot around the shelf fixture and wrapped around, trimming the ends sticking out and tucking them under the wrapping.

2014-11-26 20.46.04

Finally, placing small bed and accessories will make your cats very happy. Mine have yet gone to the very top shelf, but has slept on all the others. Total cost was about $180ish, I compared to other pre made modular climbers and this was larger for the price, fit best and matched so seemed worth it for something that should be up a very long time.

You can also fit a litter box underneath either end if you wanted to.

cat feeder1

Jules Yap