Wall mounted KALLAX cat house

Wall mounted KALLAX cat house

Materials and Cost:

  • Kallax Shelf $45
  • Fake fur $12
  • Rug $ 5
  • Bläddra box $10


Photo: IKEA.com

1. Unpack the KALLAX shelving unit. Hammer in only 4 of the provided dowels in the 4 holes I circled in the “DO THIS” diagram.


2. There are 3 dividers in the KALLAX, cut one in half (one half will go in the: 1 SPOT Front the other half SPOT 3 Back. See diagram “SPOTS” below. The strokes are where you install the dividers.


3. As for the other 2 dividers, one will go front using SPOTS 2 and 3 FRONT, second divider will go in the back using SPOTS 1 and 2 BACK. See Picture SPOTS

4. Assemble it accordingly.


5. The 2 halves, I filled the cut section with window silicone. Let dry.

6. To hang it I found a Youtube video with instructions for hanging a Kallax and followed the instructions. I definitely recommend to secure ONLY to wall studs. I had to drill and move one of the brackets to align to the studs at 16 inches apart and to have 2x the number of brackets. I didn’t use the lower brackets, because I think it’s sturdy enough. But use your own judgement.

7. The carpet or rug I cut to size and used Velcro to affix to the inside of the KALLAX.

~ by Cathy