Double SKURAR lampshade

20150110_151126 (Custom)

Materials: SKURAR bowl and SKURAR lantern

I drilled a hole into the bottoms of both SKURAR items, turned them upside down, threaded the cable through, fitted back the socket and there it was: Our beautiful SKURAR lampshade.
And look at the nice effects on the walls!

20150110_151038 (Custom)

It does take away some of the light, but we have it in the bedroom so that is quite alright.
You could use only one, the bowl or the lantern, but I feel the combination makes it much better.

20150110_150934 (Custom)

With “Knut” going on the SKURAR bowl was on sale at €2,99. The lampshade was €4,99. So for about €8 we got exactly the lampshade we wanted.

20150110_151059 (Custom)