6 IKEA Furniture Hacks for a happy Dog’s Life

ikea dog bed

It is true that we get more cat furniture hacks than dogs. Or guinea pigs or snakes and all other pets. Cats win. Period. (So, cat lovers head down to your dedicated page here.)

But that doesn’t mean dog lovers do not hack IKEA. IKEA dog furniture hacks are actually a lot more varied than other pets. 

Not convinced?

Let’s take a look at some of these IKEA dog hacks, that range from beds to crates to feeding bowls. 

I hope they’ll inspire you to hack something special for your furry bestie. And take a moment to share it with us too, so we can achieve balance in the IKEA pet furniture hacking universe.

6 IKEA furniture hacks for dogs

#1 A grand dog bed

One of the most popular IKEA dog furniture hacks are dog beds. Not surprising, as pet beds from the IKEA LURVIG collection leaves a lot to be desired. However, the collection from the Swedish store does feature some lovely blankets and pet-friendly cushions that are great add-ons to the dog bed you hack.

ikea dog bed

From small to large breeds, we’ve got them. The one of the left — would you believe it — is hacked from a LACK side table. It took on quite a transformation and became this classic dog bed. Isn’t it grand? Full tutorial here.

As for the big boy bed, you’ll need a KALLAX 2×2 shelving unit. Lovely, big comfortable bed. See the hack here.

#2 Bedside dog crate

A crate need not be a cage. But a safe place for dogs to retreat to, like a den if they were still roaming the wilds. Leave the door open for your furry friends to enter and exit at will.

But getting a readymade good looking dog crate is not easy, nor cheap. Which is why Leslie chose the IKEA hacking route to DIY a dog crate that matches her bedroom style.

ikea dog furniture hacks - dog crate

The end result is a comfortable and pretty bedside crate for her little dog. And as a bonus, it functions as a nightstandSee how she did it.

#3 Elevated dog feeder

This is a simple IKEA hack for big dogs. It elevates their water and food bowl and helps them keep food and water down.

Hacks for dogs - elevated dog feeder

A taller shoe bench from the TJUSIG furniture line is good for tall dogs like Gibbs, Nick’s Argentine Mastiff. See more.

#4 Window seat for dogs

Say woof if you love a window seat.  

Lauren hacked her 6-drawer MALM dresser into a window seat for her dogs to check out passing cars. Probably their favorite activity next to daily walks.

IKEA furniture hacks for dogs - window seat for dogs

If this isn’t the dogs’ favorite piece of furniture in the entire house I don’t know what is. Because personally, I want a seat on the comfortable cushion too. See more.

#5 Dog steps or perch for small dogs

If you have a small dog or a pup, you may want to hack a dog step instead. 

dog steps and window perch

After watching her puppy struggle to get onto the couch, Courtney took the IKEA crate and made it into dog steps. You’ll need at least 3 of the KNAGGLIG crates. See the tutorial.

For the window perch, you’ll need the 3-step TROFAST frame instead. Pad them with rugs for a cozy lookout. Then in the frame, insert TROFAST storage bins for pet necessities like leashes, brushes and treats. See dog window perch tutorial.

#6 Coffee table for two

Dogs are social animals and love to be where you are. Your furkids want their special spot in the living room too when you’re lounging there.

IKEA furniture hacks for dogs -coffee table dog bed

Here’s how to add a comfortable spot under the LACK coffee table for the 4-legged member of the family. After hacking, finish it with a machine-washable pet cushion from the LURVIG line. See how it’s done.

See more IKEA Hacks for dogs.

Do you have any IKEA hacks for dogs? Share them with us.