GLADSAX frames as doors in KALLAX / EXPEDIT


Materials: GLADSAX frames, KALLAX 1×5

I received a couple of GLADSAX frames complete with LP covers in both for my birthday. Having nowhere to hang the frames, they posed a bit of a logistical issue in my living room. One day, I simply placed them on the floor in front of the KALLAX 1×5 I use as a TV and Stereo stand. It suddenly seemed obvious to use the frames as doors.

It’s a pretty basic hack. I ordered, nuts, bolts, screws and a couple of piano hinges online. The frames are an almost exact fit and it requires a bit of cutting in the shelf to fit the hinges.

1. A frame and hinge.


2. The piano hinges I used were 300 mm long. It should be placed in the middle of the shelf. Measure twice, cut once.


3. The outer layer is a veneer, and inside is a roughly 5 mm layer of an MDF-like material. It’s really easy to cut, so I recommend using an ordinary box cutter.


4. In order to leave enough room for the door to open and close, the hinge must be attached directly to the core of the shelf,, which is made from chipboard.


5. It’s always a great idea to drill holes before inserting the screws. Use a bit of tape to avoid drilling all the way through. I used a 2 mm drill for drilling in the shelf.


6. Measure twice. Cut once – especially when cutting or drilling in to metal like the aluminum Gladsax frame.


7. Unfortunately, even the best of measurements can’t hide the fact, that my aim is slightly off. I used a 3 mm metal drill for this part, as my bolts are 3 mm, and I wanted to assure a tight fit.


8. Mount the frame onto the hinge, using bolts. In this case M3 bolts and nuts


9. Frame, hinge, shelf.


10. Full length/height view of the frame as a door.


11. The whole thing looks like this. As you can see, I replaced the record covers in the frames. I had an empty Gerry Rafferty cover from when I used the record for a speaker hack I did once. The other one is a limited edition I got from the band members after playing a gig together once. I can’t bring myself to take it out of the wrap anyway, so it’s only fitting it now has a center position in the room.


12. After work celebration with a good record 🙂