Bekant-Galant Sit/Stand Corner Desk Hack

Sit Stand Corner Desk Hack

Materials: Bekant sit stand corner desk frame, Galant Corner desk table top

I noticed that the tabletop for the new BEKANT sit/stand was smaller than the GALANT (which they no longer sell anymore), so I bought a used GALANT corner desk tabletop and hacked it with the BEKANT sit/stand corner desk frame to maximize table space.

Steps below:

1. Put the frame together as instructed in manual
2. Place the GALANT top down
3. Place the frame at the middle
My measurements for the left-sided corner desk
Frame length – 146cm (7cm on each side)
GALANT length – 160cm
Frame width – 97cm
GALANT width – 120cm (12cm on each side)

Bekant-Galant Sit-Stand Corner Desk Hack

Sit Stand Corner Desk Hack

Sit Stand Corner Desk Hack

4. Drill a hole using 3/8 drill bit approx. 1/2 inch down (if you drill too far, you’ll drill through the table as I did) on the far end of the frame where the holes are located. On the longer side (corner desk), I would put a third one.
5. Place the plastic screwy thingy (130884) into those holes and then secure with (130886).
6. Insert the wires/adapters for the legs
7. Using the same drill bit, drill holes approximately 1/4 – 1/2 inch away from and parallel to the frame for the mesh net.
8. Insert the same plastic screwy thingy  (130884) and secure with the other thingy (130886).
8. Complete the wiring of the control, placing where you want it to be.