Hackers Help: Pair BEKANT desk with SKARSTA frame?

bekant desk skarsta frame

I need a height-adjustable work desk and I decided on SKARSTA (120 x 70 cm, Article no: 490.849.65), but they are not offered in black, which I would prefer.

SKARSTA sit stand desk
SKARSTA sit stand desk | IKEA.com

So I am thinking of combining the SKARSTA height-adjustable legs/frame, with another black surface such as BEKANT desk (120 x 80 cm, 503.662.90) or IDASEN (120 x 70 cm, 204.038.78).

BEKANT desk | IKEA.com

IDASEN has the correct size, but is more expensive so I am wondering if anybody knows if a bit wider BEKANT desk could be easily put on top of SKARSTA legs.

IDASEN table top
IDASEN table top | IKEA.com

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Hi Mai

I wouldn’t say you can “easily” put the BEKANT or IDÅSEN on the SKARSTA. IKEA desk assembly is similar but not the same for each model, if you know what I mean.

What’s similar is you’ll need to assemble the underframe, which in this case, a T frame. Then attach the frame to the table top via the pre-drilled holes. This makes assembly easy as the positions are fixed for you and you don’t have to second guess whether your table is lop sided or skewed.

What’s not the same are the mounting holes, which differ for each model. But it’s not all that tough, if you’re good at math and know how to handle a drill. 🙂

Pairing SKARSTA underframe with BEKANT desk

First assemble the underframe, then lay it on the underside of the BEKANT table top. Measure to make sure the frame is centered on the table, on all sides. Mark all the holes where the screws should go. You’re in luck! The SKARSTA underframe needs only 4 screws. (But don’t get too happy, I’ve not counted the ones for the crank handle yet.) In making the holes, be careful not to drill through to the table top. Use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the screws for tight fit.

Another thing I concerned with would be the SKARSTA crank shaft which needs to be attached to the underframe. I know it can be pulled out when you want to turn the crank, but does it extend far enough to accommodate the extra 5 cm depth? I’m not sure. Probably a good idea to measure it before committing to the swap.

SKARSTA crank handle

As for the IDASEN, again, new holes. But no crank shaft problem.

I would suggest studying their assembly guides for a feel of what you need to deal with. 

Here are the assembly manuals for the BEKANT, the SKARSTA and IDÅSEN.

Good luck. Hope all goes well.

Happy hacking,


Jules Yap