STALL Shoe Cabinet Hack for tall baseboards

STALL Shoe Cabinet

Materials: HEMNES STALL shoe cabinet, door stoppers

The Shoe Cabinet was the perfect solution for our entryway to hide our collection of running shoes. The only problem was that our baseboards were way too high – about 6 inches.

I could have not put on the legs and mounted it to the wall – but I was looking for that extra layer of sturdiness.

At first I thought I would try finials – but they were all too large. Then I was walking by the assorted hardware area of Home Depot – and it hit hit me – door stoppers!

They have white ones, brushed nickel – some longer and some shorter. I went with Brushed Bronze which matches the color exactly.

STALL Shoe Cabinet  IMG_0157

All you have to do is drill a small pilot hole in the middle of the foot – I made an X using an edge of a credit card – to make sure it was centered. Then just screw in the door stopper. You don’t have to wrench it in super tight – and if you need to level the top – you can adjust one side to make it level.

You can see my before picture – with the small paint cans – this was just to get an idea of what it would look like on our wall.