How to turn IKEA Bookcase into a space-saving Wine Rack

I had an opening of about 6″ in width between my IKEA pantry cabinet and my wall. After brainstorming on what to do with the gap, including closing it up with panels, I landed on making a slim wine rack.

Given the tiny kitchen that I have, it was the best use of space. With this IKEA hack, I squeezed the maximum use of every square inch! Here’s what I did.

IKEA BILLY DIY slim wine rack

DIY IKEA slim wine rack for cabinet gap


First, I took the white 15″ skinny BILLY Bookcase and cut the back, top, bottom, and shelves to fit into the opening, making allowance for the two side panels. In theory, it would kind of end up looking like the old BENNO CD rack, (now discontinued).

Since the opening was only about 6″ wide, I was able to make two shelves out of each 15″ shelf, this gave me a total of 11 shelves for wine bottles and wine glasses.

Next, I reassembled the new “IKEA BILLY bookcase wine rack”, joining the shortened top, back, and bottom panels with the two side panels. I drilled new holes and screwed the pieces together.

Then I slot the skinny wine rack into the gap and screw it in place (through the pantry).

Lastly, I finished the gaps above and below the shelf with drywall. I caulked the entire frame, which gave it a finished look.

I could still reuse the dowel holes on the original BILLY bookshelf. So I got a few more metal dowel shelf pins, inserted them, and placed the new short shelves on top of the dowel pins.

If my wine collection grows, I could possibly get a few more BILLY shelves and cut them up to add more shelves. So far, my DIY slim wine rack is working out fabulously. Like the gap was meant to be.

That said, this hack isn’t just for a gap between a kitchen cabinet and a wall. You can make a tall narrow wine rack to fit between BILLY bookcases. That would look great too.