Organizing Your Pantry With IKEA For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

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IKEA has many fantastic kitchen and pantry organization solutions and products, which can keep your kitchen clutter-free and ensure all your supplies and ingredients are properly stored and within reach.

With the right guidance and hacks, you can transform any kitchen into a space that’s equally stunning and functional.

Pantry organization systems and products are aplenty at IKEA, including the IVAR, OMAR, and BROR product lines. These storage solutions, along with many other IKEA storage furniture you may not have thought of using in the kitchen, can be used to add additional storage space to your kitchen and ensure every supply and ingredient has a place.

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Planning your Kitchen Pantry Organization

Before we dive into the best IKEA pantry and kitchen organization hacks, let’s discuss how you can choose the best storage solution for your needs. Regardless of how big or small your pantry may be, keeping these tips in mind will ensure you’re maximizing your kitchen to create a clutter-free kitchen.

Add Additional Storage Space:

Adding more storage space will ensure everything has a place in your pantry and kitchen. Adding extra storage is key to crafting an organized kitchen that’s free of clutter. IKEA has many products to help you add more storage, including shelves, hooks, boxes, and see-through containers.

Consider Storage Capacity:

It’s important to consider the storage capacity of different solutions and products to evaluate their suitability for your needs. For example, will a pantry drawer be large enough to store your spices, or do you need a dedicated shelf?

Group Pantry Items Together:

Grouping similar pantry and kitchen essentials together will help you create a clutter-free kitchen where you can easily find what you’re looking for. The practice of grouping items is also the perfect time to get rid of items you’re no longer using in the kitchen (AKA clutter that’s taking up valuable storage space).

Prioritize Ease Of Use:

You should prioritize organizational solutions and products that are easy for you to use. For example, pantry drawers are easy to use and let you simply pull the drawer open and pick the items you need to use.

Shop Different Systems:

IKEA offers many storage systems. Some are made for the kitchen like the SEKTION / METOD, OMAR and ENHET. It’s important to consider each of these systems and how you can use each to get the most out of your pantry and kitchen.

Think Outside The Box:

Don’t be scared to tweak or customize your IKEA pantry organization solutions and products to fit your needs. There are many creative hacks to create a perfect pantry that’s as beautiful as it is organized.

Use Every Corner:

While this tip is more important for small kitchens, it’s important to carefully consider how you use your kitchen and pantry space. Using every corner doesn’t mean buying as many storage products as possible; it means using your space efficiently to make finding supplies and ingredients as easy as possible.

Pantry Organization Ideas with IKEA products

Here are 8 handy IKEA pantry organization tips and ideas using only IKEA storage solutions and products.

Fit a Pull Out Pantry Organizer in IKEA kitchen cabinets

IKEA UTRUSTA pull out pantry organizer

First thing to consider if you’re designing a new kitchen — can you add this pull out pantry organizer into your kitchen high cabinet? Or fit it into an existing cabinet? We love how the baskets inside the cabinet pull out automatically when you open the door. No need to dig through the pile to access items at the back.

Track Your Pantry Inventory With IKEA Memo Boards

You can purchase IKEA’s affordable SÄVSTA memo board, a chalkboard that you can stick on the pantry wall or behind your pantry cabinet door. You can track everything from your shopping list to kitchen chores to meal plans. (If IKEA’s version doesn’t work for you, you can get similar chalkboard decals on Amazon.)

Use Jars And Tins For See-Through Storage

You can use clear containers to visually track your groceries and ingredients. IKEA has a wide range of mason jars and tins for storing products like coffee, tea, sugar, cereals, flour, pasta, rice, and more. Our favorite is absolutely the IKEA 365+ food containers and jars with bamboo lids. Using storage jars doesn’t just help you organize your pantry; it helps you save space wasted on bulky packaging while adding a personal touch to your kitchen.

Install Shelf Inserts To Expand your Pantry

ikea shelf inserts clip on baskets - IKEA pantry organization ideas

Shelves are a must-have when it comes to your pantry. And the VARIERA shelf insert and extension is your pantry’s best friend. The shelf insert will double your storage space. Another item that will help you make use of dead space is the PÅLYCKE clip on basket. Insert it and effectively use the space above short items.

Organize Drawer Space With Dividers

drawer dividers and containers - IKEA pantry organization ideas

One of the most useful storage system for the kitchen pantry are drawers. In order for drawers to function well (and not turn into a junk drawer) is to add in dividers or containers to keep similar items together. You can use any box for this. (A good way to upcycle old shoe boxes and cereal boxes.) We like the VARIERA boxes for this purpose as they are sturdy and can be easily lifted out of the drawer.

Grab And Go With Organized Baskets

Storage baskets are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. You can use baskets to organize clutter and group items together. For example a basket for “Breakfast” and in there, you’ll have your jams, cereal, nuts etc. Grab the basket or bin (if you have many items) and you’re ready for breakfast. You can even use different basket styles and labels to add a touch of your personal style to your pantry. Tania of @homganize used one of the most popular IKEA baskets, the RISATORP (now in various sizes and designs), to group snacks and sauces in one place.

Buy Hooks And Clips For Simple Storage

clips and hooks behind door - IKEA pantry organization ideas

You can use various hooks and clips from IKEA to store groceries on the inside of pantry cupboard doors. Clips can even be used to hang your grocery list or keep a notepad to track your weekly meal plans. There are plenty of great ways to customize your kitchen storage with hooks and clips.

Know What’s in Your Pantry With Labels

IKEA 356+ label - IKEA pantry organization ideas

The Internet is full of tutorials and templates for jar labels. That’s nice and probably what makes an Instagram-worthy pantry. But if you don’t have time for that, pick up the IKEA 365+ label on your next IKEA trip. Each pack of 50 labels has a mix of two sizes. IKEA claims the stickers are easy to put on and take off without leaving marks. And if you use a non-permanent marker, you can rub off the text and use the label over and over again. Very useful when you do a refill and want to update the expiry date. For a more organized look, use the same pen color and write in a similar style (eg. all caps) on the labels.

10 Best IKEA Pantry Hacks

Make a pantry cabinet

BILLY is good for books, crafts, shoes and yes, the pantry. As a pantry cabinet, the BILLY does it beautifully. BILLY’s shallow shelf means you’ll never forget anything deep inside the cabinet. Yet the shelf is deep enough for two or three rows of jars and cans. You can try to build it in, like Marika or not, like Evie. Either way it looks fabulous.

Keep it open

Besides BILLY, other IKEA bookcases like the BAGGEBO and IVAR are popularly used as kitchen storage. The IKEA IVAR system has remained in production for over five decades and has helped numerous homeowners transform (or even create) their pantries. With customizable shelving, you can create the perfect pantry storage space for your needs, which can be further customized with other IKEA products like jars and tins.

Mix and match open and closed storage

If you don’t have a walk-in pantry, use a combination of open and closed storage to house your pantry items. Frequently used items go on open shelves. And bulk boxes, large snack packs can go behind closed doors.

Use a wardrobe

Look beyond the kitchen section to other IKEA storage furniture. Jenna chose to build in two PAX wardrobe frames along the kitchen wall for a large capacity IKEA PAX pantry. And since the PAX already has lots of interior accessories, adding drawers, baskets and shelves was a breeze. Or on a smaller scale, Marie and Aaron repurposed the STUVA kids wardrobe system for their kitchen pantry. They also used wire baskets to complete the set up. See the STUVA pantry here.

DIY an accent cabinet

A pantry is not necessarily something you want to hide. Take a leaf from Riel and build an accent cabinet for your flour and grains. In an open plan kitchen it may be the best thing to do. She made an arched shelf and placed it on top of the IKEA RUDSTA glass cabinet to create this stunning IKEA hack.

Add shelves to a nook

HEJNE shelves for closet

Even if regular wall mounted pantry shelving will not fit into your oddly shaped pantry space, you can still add shelves to maximize storage. Michael used the IKEA HEJNE shelves and posts to DIY custom shelves to fit his pantry space. See his tutorial for these custom pantry shelves

Make it affordable

Faizah used the affordable HYLLIS shelving units and hacked them into an open pantry. She spray painted the posts white and wrapped wood grain peel and stick decals around the shelves.

Place a glass cabinet on top of the counter

IKEA glass cabinet on butlers pantry

Melissa put a MALSJÖ glass door cabinet on the counter of her butlers pantry instead of wall cabinets and it turned out fabulous. No hacking required!

Opt for a freestanding pantry

Lauren’s choice of a HEMNES glass door cabinet with 3 drawers was spot on. It turned out to be the perfect cabinet for a freestanding pantry with lots of shelves for baskets and jars. In the drawers, you’ll have space for rows and rows of food containers. Everything in its place.

Create a pantry in unexpected spaces

ikea kungsfors modular shelving system for pantry organization
Gabriella Borg | Domino

Designer Gabriella Borg used the walls of the stairwell next to her kitchen to create her dream walk-in pantry. She used the IKEA KUNGSFORS system to make use of the vertical space. The beauty of the KUNGSFORS is how you only need to fasten the suspension rail once. Then, you can adjust the height of your shelves, without having to make more holes in the wall. Simple and it works. Completing her pantry storage are BEKVÅM spice racks – always a good idea.

How To Shop IKEA for Pantry Organization Solutions

Here are three great ways you can customize your IKEA pantry organization solutions and products to better suit your kitchen needs!

Use Filters To Shop For IKEA Pantry Organization Products

IKEA lets customers use handy filters to find the products they’re looking for. You can filter your product searches by size, color, material, price, type, and doors. It’s also possible to sort the results by the best match, price, customer rating, and more! From clip-on baskets to pantry shelves, these filters create a seamless shopping experience tailored to your needs.

Browse IKEA Storage Solutions And Products In Other Categories

While IKEA has sprawling Kitchen Storage and Pantry Organization categories, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these categories. After all, IKEA has a vast product selection, with many products geared towards organizing and maximizing small spaces. You can browse IKEA Storage Boxes category for more options for hiding your belongings in plain sight!

Digitally Design Your Dream Kitchen With IKEA Online Planners

With their online Kitchen Planner, IKEA empowers homeowners to design their dream kitchen. This online planner lets you try your ideas out virtually before committing to them! While you’ll need to use a computer to access this online tool, this recently launched planner is the best way to test different IKEA products to find the right fit.

When choosing the best ideas and hacks, you should weigh the pros and cons of different IKEA pantry organization systems. While the modular IVAR system allows you to easily add cabinets and shelves to your pantry or kitchen, the design is quite basic. However, your IVAR setup can be customized to fit your kitchen’s design and create showstopping storage!

There are also numerous OMAR and BROR shelving units to consider. The OMAR shelves are affordable, easy to assemble, and ideal for storing visible supplies and ingredients in metal baskets and shelves. However, the metal design of most shelves limits their customizability compared to IVAR systems. While the BROR shelves are pricier, they have more storage space.

Ultimately, there are numerous ways to organize your pantry and kitchen with the brilliant products from IKEA. By customizing these storage solutions to suit your specific needs, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. Just picture it: a clutter-free pantry and kitchen where everything you need is within reach.