Hutten wall-mounted Side-on Wine Racking


Materials: HUTTEN 9-bottle wine rack

1) Unpack Hutten wine rack, and (using a chop-saw) cut off all three shelves at the point just beyond the first cross-bar on each side.

2) Screw the top and bottom shelf to the side-brace (which now becomes the wall-bracket), and glue the middle shelf in using PVA (they’re pleasingly accurately machined, so you won’t even need to clamp it).

3) Drill 4mm holes through each of the corner points of the wall brackets, then sink wall plugs into the walls directly behind the holes.


4) Screw the racks to the walls and fill with lovely wine.


5) Delight in the saving of about £50 per 3-bottle rack over getting something identical that’s been custom-made.

6) Discover that the offcuts from the middle of each shelf make amazing building blocks for your 1-year old, be, if anything, even more delighted.