Samla Planter Box in Singapore

Samla planter ikea hack

Samla planter ikea hack

The Background: After hunting around for pots to fill our huge 6-metre planter hole I thought I’d never find an affordable solution. Then, on a casual visit to my favourite Swedish furniture store, I spotted the Samla and something clicked!

I ran home, measured out the hole on my balcony and – lo and behold – I could fit 11 Samla containers for the price of one (yes, I do mean 1!) planter pot from one of the city’s garden centres.

Directions: This hack was really simple; just flip over the boxes and drill holes in the base to allow water to drain out (very important, you do not want soggy soil). I drilled 14 holes in the bottom and four more in the corners using a 6mm drill bit. Just be careful not to crack the bin while drilling, as I did with one of the holes. Apply a firm even pressure with the drill and you should be fine.

Samla planter ikea hack

Ikea Samla Planter Hack

The Samla may not be the most elegant solution, but the planter hole is deep enough that you hardly see the containers and really only notice the plants.

My balcony is still a work in progress as I need to buy more plants, but I’m very happy with the results so far.

Samla ikea Planter Hack