SUNDLA Sandtable

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Materials: Sundvik childrens table, Samla

Description: I wanted a sandtable for my two girls but could not find a proper one. So I hacked an IKEA Sundvik childrens table and a Samla box into a proper sandtable.

It’s a really simple hack. The Samla box (45 litre / 56x39x28cm) fits perfectly in the Sundvik table.

The easiest way to do the hack is while the legs of the Sundvik aren’t attached.

1.) Draw the lines on the tabletop where you have to saw. From the edges in the length it’s 7cm and 11,5 in the width.
2.) Drill two holes in the tabletop in the opposite corners with a wood-drill size 10.
3.) With a power-jigsaw cut out the tabletop and 4 incisions on each (width)side.
4.) Screw on the legs, put in the Samla-box and fill it with sand.

~ Maarten Ras, Netherlands