Temporary Sewing Table Solution

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Temporary Sewing Table

Here, in my sewing room, it is a busy little world. Our guest bed lives here, the computer workstation of my flatmate lives here, my Sewing machines live here – so all in all the word multifunction becomes a whole new meaning.

When I am working on a sewing project, the whole flat is under attack: there simply is not enough table space for cutting or “working” in general: pinning, basing, pattern making making, blocking, measuring…. it all takes up room – and sometimes you even need to just lay things out. O:-)

The real drama is, that our flat is to small to just get another table somewhere. What we need is a large temporary table that is set up in a moment and does not take up any storage space when it is not in use.

I worked on the solution for a while, as it needed to look neat. And now its all done – and we all like it. Even the cat!

Here goes:




I had: a Hemnes daybed, a few spare white shelves, some mounting glue and the wish for a large and easy to hide workspace in my sewing room /guest room / computer room

I got: a large Linmon tabletop (200*60cm)


The tabletop rests on the bed frame – but it has only  1cm contact face to the left and the right on the bed frame. This makes it necessary to arrest the tabletop somehow, so that it does not slide off.


I had these spare shelves which i glued to the bottom side of my desktop – leaving 1cm to the side and 6cm to the back – this way, the desktop will slide between the bedframe, but cannot fall off the sides or the back.

Temporary Sewing Table

The finished desk provides a lot of space for cutting, ironing, laying, cat and whatever you need. Underneath, on the bed itself, there is room to store your materials and even to sit, you can pull the desktop forward though. This way you don’t need to lean over too much when working on it. And the best of all: Whenever you don’t need the surface, you can just take it off  and store it behind the bed. There, it doesn’t use up any room whatsoever.

I hope you like this solution as much as we do! 😀

See more photos.

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