sandrine’s show and tell

sandrine means craft queen in french. okay, it doesn’t but after seeing the bunch of stuff she sent me – all crafted from ikea items – i am inclined to think that way. i am especially taken by the tindra candle collages. aren’t they just so fun?

she says, “my name is sandrine. i live in nantes, france and i do things like these…
cadres aimant+¬s anne

the magnetic frames bubbla are decorated with a collage of photos cut from magazines.

coussin lila coussin lila d+¬tail

the pillow aina is intended for a girl who likes purple. the horse is decorated with ends of fabrics (tissues), pearls and glitter stuck onto it.
bougie montage20 cm

cut out collages of photos and pictures from magazines varnished onto the tindra and tindra ljuv. more here and here.

coussin Clara noel 07 5 cm coussin Clara noel 07 20cm

the pillow hanna (can’t find the link on ikea’s website) is transformed into an owl, using fabric (tissues), some wool and buttons. on one side is the first name of the girl to whom it was intended.

visit sandrine’s blog (it’s in french) to see more do-it-yourself goodies.