Wall Office with Akurum Kitchen cabinets and Pax sliding doors

Akurum Kitchen cabinets and Pax sliding doors Akurum Kitchen cabinets and Pax sliding doors Akurum Kitchen cabinets and Pax sliding doors

Materials: Akurum High Cabinets and PAX sliding doors

My office was displaced from room to room, so many times, since my twins arrived. All I was left with was a desk the kids loved to crawl on and mess up. I hoped to find some cheap IKEA wardrobes and make an “wall” office. Luckily IKEA was redoing their kitchen line so I snagged two deep Akurum cabinets for $15 and bought 56$ in shelves.

akurumslidingdoors1 akurumslidingdoors2

I wanted secure doors on the cabinets to keep the kids out so I decided to buy a PAX sliding door. After three different IKEA associates told me it wouldn’t fit, I bought the cheapest PAX doors HASVIK 150x201cm or 59″ x79 1/8″ ($93.5 – it was 15% off). The PAX door went on easily. The only 2 issues being:

1) The PAX door width is 1/2 inch less than 2 Akurum cabinets. I just positioned the hanging rail in the middle so that the door would be within 1/4″ on both ends. However in your case you may want to shift the rail to an exposed side. For me the gap was perfect allowing for heat to escape from the 4+ computers and multiple drives in the cabinet.

2) You need to position your bottom shelf such that it lines up with the door bottom rail position. In my case I could only get the shelf within a 1/2″ of the where the slider holder normally goes. But it is s simple matter of drilling the 4 holes 1/2″ lower that the existing holes. I believe it was a standard 10 mm drill bit.

Knowing how well it worked I wished I had bought a nicer sliding PAX door. I left the bottom open to allow easy access to containers. I used 88″ high cabinets with the 79″ doors but it probably would look better with 80″ Akurum cabinets with those doors. I bought 2 sliding child proof locks from Lowes for $6. It effectively keeps the curious twins out.

Jules Yap