Another Expedit Standing Desk with CDs as risers

IKEA Expedit standing desk

Materials: Expedit Book Case, Vika Desktop, CDs

Description: After reading all about the benefits of a standing desk, I had been wanting to build one for my home office for some time. So after seeing this post on Ikea Hackers, I came up with a plan to use an Expedit book case and a Vika desk top to build a simple but attractive standing desk.

The first step was to do some research on the ergonomics of standing while working on a computer so I could get the height right for me. I use some books, paint cans, and other materials to prototype the desk I figured out the correct height I would need to work and type comfortably.

IKEA Expedit standing desk
IKEA Expedit standing desk
IKEA Expedit standing desk

To start I turned the Expedit on it’s side and attached some Ikea casters to raise the desk off the ground and make it easy to move around while I do a bigger home office remodel. To attach the desktop I used 5 inch (127 mm) bolts some PVC pipe and CDs to make the risers that sit between the Expedit and Vika desktop to get my perfect height. This was done as close as possible to the ends to ensure the Vika was attached through the solid portion of the desktop.

To finish off the desk I purchased a monitor arm to attach my monitor to ensure it was at the right height for working as well.

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~ Jason, Atlanta, GA

I like the idea of using CDs as risers. We’ve seen a lot of standing desks using the Capita legs but the use of CDs is brilliant. You can adjust it to the exact height you need. And if you have old CDs that you don’t need anymore, it’s a great way to repurpose them. ~ Jules 

Jules Yap