ANGENÄM dish to light hack

ANGENÄM dish to light

Materials: ANGENÄM dish

I wanted a low profile light fixture over my breakfast room table so that it didn’t block the line of vision from the kitchen to the breakfast room. I had it in my mind that I wanted a black fixture with a gold underside but, after seeing the prices for fixtures that fit the description of what I wanted, I had to get creative. I looked at the IKEA ANGENÄM dish on my coffee table and the light bulb over my head lit up!

The process to change the dish to a light fixture was VERY simple. All we had to do was purchase a light kit that could be hard wired from a big box hardware store, use a round metal saw to drill a hole for the light kit and add an Edison bulb. It was that simple and we ended up spending less than $50 ( including the cost of the ANGENÄM dish) to get a very “on trend” light fixture. I LOVE it!

By Michelle Kinny