Easel to Magnetic Board + Whiteboard Combo

Magnetic Board + Whiteboard Combo

Materials: Algot metal shelves, Dokument pen cups, Mala easel, SLÄTTHULT wall stickers

Had a Mala easel which I had no space to open up and use since moving into my new apartment. After browsing around here for some ideas, decided to disassemble it to make it into a magnetic+whiteboard combo for my daughter’s bedroom.

1- Took apart the Mala easel by removing the pen tray and unscrew the hinges at the top
2- Cover up the whiteboard and blackboard with newspapers then painted the wooden frame with the spare pink paint that was used to paint my daughter’s bedroom walls


3- Used 3M double-side tape (those outdoor type with the red peel off backing) to mount the Algot shelves as the magnetic board onto the blackboard portion
4- Decorated the magnetic board with the wall stickers
5- Screwed the Dokument pen cups to the right side of the exposed blackboard
6- Stuck the boards against the bedroom wall with 3M Command stickers at the top (used 3M Command stickers so that it can be removed in future without damaging the wall)