Hackers Help: Combined bed & study – with study on top?

kura reversible bed white 0179751 PE331953 S4
Photo: IKEA.com

We are planning our kids’ bedrooms and would like to combine a desk given that they are 6 and 9 and hence will require them. We like the idea of a ‘bunk’ bed with the desk and bed sharing the same area but don’t like the idea of the bed on top and would like to plan something with the bed on the bottom and the desk on top.  The height of the room is 3.2m so there should be ample space for that.  Also the space available for this bed/desk is about the space of a double bed.

Has anyone done this before or are there any ideas you can give us to help with the planning?


Hi Nadine

It is definitely possible. Like this hack on the KURA bed, with a play area on the upper deck, (pic below) which you can convert into a study area. Or a hack like this could work out well too.

bunk bed with study on top

~ Jules