Q: What’s the best shelving for this small storage closet?

small storage closet

Need ideas for storage in this small closet.

Emma asked in our Facebook Group:

“Has anyone got any ideas of what I could use for storage in this cupboard?”

“It’s 50cm deep (19 inches), 103cm wide (40 inches) x 169cm tall (66 inches).”

small storage closet

“I’d mainly like to use it for toys and maybe some clothing in the longer term. The walls are plasterboard. I was considering putting in a TROFAST unit by not sure if it’s the best use of space?”

Group members chimed in their suggestions:

The ALGOT system got quite a few mentions.

As did the KALLAX.

But Alexis, who has a similar closet, pointed out that “the KALLAX, STUVA and ALGOT will not fit. The issue here is the door. The internal measurements are one thing, the depth of the cupboard prohibits getting the KALLAX and ALGOT in and the STUVA prevents the door from closing.

Emma concurs “I think I may have tried the 2×4 KALLAX when we moved in as we had one from our old house, and as much as it would fit the dimensions we couldn’t get it in.” 

How now?

As for me, my vote goes to the ALGOT or any other kind of wall mounted system. For such a small space, wall mounted shelving would be most practical.

I believe Alexis was referring to the ALGOT with side units, like the ones pictured below and not the wall mounted option:

Wall mounted ALGOT. Look! IKEA even shows us how perfect it is for Emma’s situation.

Algot system

ALGOT Wall upright/mesh baskets | IKEA.com

The ALGOT does need to be installed precisely. Take a look here at some of the issues you may face at installation.

Another option would be the use the HEJNE with a bit of a tweak. It works well as a pantry and I believe, in a storage closet too.

small storage closet

Any other ideas for Emma’s small storage closet? Let us know below.