IKEA chip clips and KLADDIG bib to the rescue

ikea bib and chip clip hack

Toddlers’ mealtime essentials to keep food mess to a minimum.

First, a fitting bib that won’t let food glide down the neck or fall through the cuffs.

And second, super useful IKEA chip clips to hold up kids hair and neckerchieves.

KLADDIG bib with fitting neck and sleeves

The IKEA KLADDIG bib with sleeves (803.072.23) is interesting, except that the neckline and cuffs are a bit too large for babies under one years old.

A few shots of how the bib looks before alteration.


I made a simple adaptation for a custom-made bib that restricts food from falling through the neckline and sleeve cuff. 

It’s easy to adapt and not expensive: You need thread, 20 cm of ribbon and 2 press stud.

It will take you a moment to have the best priced, no-mess, custom-fit bib on the market.

Step by step for a fitted IKEA bib at the neck and wrists


Alterations to tighten the IKEA KLADDIG bib neckline and cuffs

1. Unstitch the border at the neck, near each Velcro. The gap should be wide enough to insert a ribbon.

2 + 3. Insert a ribbon into the gap.

4. Redo the stitches on the border with the ribbon tucked in.

5. Do the same on the other side of the bib. You need to place one of the ribbons inside and the other outside of the bib, near the Velcros, so you can tie them together around the neck for a custom fit.


cuffs with press studs

1. Take your mark at the seam along the sleeve.

2. Sew on the ribbon that tightens the bottom of the sleeve, 2 cm from each side of the seam of the sleeve, a press stud.

3. Do this step for each sleeve.

I hope this simple tutorial will be useful to all of you with an IKEA KLADDIG bib.

~ by Carole Bouret

IKEA chip clips for hair and bib holder

With two toddlers, mealtime can be extremely messy. They’re too old for bibs, but they need something to protect their clothes when eating soup, yogurt, etc. Enter the IKEA chip clips.

IKEA chip clips for hair and bib

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How to use IKEA chip clips on toddlers:

Grab a tea towel (the IKEA ones actually do work best — perfect size and thickness), a large clip, and voilà! You’ve got a neck-all-the-way-down-to-the-ankles protector.

Grab a smaller chip clip and keep long pigtails from falling into the food. They are so great for this as even very fine hair doesn’t get stuck in the clips since there’s no hinge!

I could go on and on. We use the IKEA chip clips for everything (my son loves using them as chopsticks), but these two in particular are so useful every day.