LACK Monitor Stand with USB hub





  • USB Hub (optional)
    • Add functionality to your stand with some extra USB ports. Of course this is open to more possibilities, I just chose this one which I found of my tech store.


STEP 1: Because the curtain rod finials are equipped with a screw, we’re just going to make 4 holes under the shelf, one in each corner. Please mind the dimensions of the finials to ensure they fit. According to the diameter of the thread, we’ll use the appropriate drill bit.
STEP 2: In my case, after the holes were done, finials just were inserted into them. If you want, you can add some glue to secure them. Please note the finials are made of plastic; If the surface you’re going to place the monitor on is slippery, you can add some anti-slip pads at the bottom.
STEP 3: The back of the shelf is not white, because of the opening for the metal fittings. For me this is not a problem, the wall is in front of it, but you can paint it if this side will be seen.
STEP 4: USB hub is attached to the bottom of the stand: I fixed it with two screws, you can use some glue or double side adhesive tape too.
It’s a super easy hack for a monitor stand. Total cost of it was about 18€ (+/- 20$), and I think result is an elegant, useful, quick monitor stand. It raises the monitor about 8-9 cm.
Thanks for watching.
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